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“Life wants you to win but you have to believe you can and take action!”

- Jenny Verano

Life Coach
Jenny Verano Coaching

About Me

Life hasn’t always been this easy, in fact, used to be just a survival experience. Since losing my parents at 10 years old, moving to another town, changing school, having to make new friends and getting used to a completely new way of living, adopted by my extended family, I have learnt to figure things out, made every mistake you can think of and became who I am today.

Fully-certified Life and Careers coach since 2009, I’ve been successfully helping professionals to find their dream job by developing a positive attitude, improving their confidence and motivation level in order to be more energised and focused. 

If you are feeling overwhelmed by life’s demands, I will introduce you to a way of thinking that will bring more clarity, self-motivation and confidence so you can do, have, be and give what you want. 

I also teach techniques to better manage the emotional stress of everyday living, help you feeling energised and build relationships that are good for your mental and physical health.

What clients have experienced...

Jenny turned me around and helped me to believe in myself. She is inspirational and takes your self-understanding and self-belief to another level. She is a creative thinker, kind, warm and caring, and really pulls you along with her enthusiasm and energy. I have no hesitation in recommending her career and life coaching programmes, and would actively encourage anyone to connect with Jenny immediately!
Alison Wilson
Careers Coach​
Jenny delivered a group session that was pitched perfectly, addressed the specific needs of the individuals within that group and provided each with a clear idea of when the next steps for them should be. She is an extremely knowledgeable coach with a wealth of resources that can be of benefit to those across a wide range of seniority levels and industry sectors.
Gary Warburton
Technical Business Analyst | Systems Analyst | Application Support​
Jenny is very experienced working with people and helping them to achieve their career goals and dreams. She is very inspirational and motivational and can help you to the next level. She is a tough cookie and will insist on commitment and will inspire you to continue on your path. A great role model also, she is dedicated, committed, warm, caring, and beautiful inside and out, she cares about what she does and about helping people to transform their lives. If you are ready to make the commitment to change your life then get in contact with Jenny, you won't regret it.
Dawn Stenning
Senior Employment Specialist at Hertfordshire Mind Network, Counsellor and Holistic Practitioner
Jenny is an extremely focused and passionate coach. She has an infectious ability to bring together like minded professionals and take them on a journey of empowerment. Her commitment and example of hard work naturally produces positive results. She embodies an excellent ethos of work, life balance and facilitates you in realising your own personal goals. She is a pleasure to work with. I have no hesitation in recommending her as a life coach.
Romilda Mormile
Founder and Director of Via Translations and Interpreting Charity Fast Track Fundraiser for
Jenny Verano delivered an excellent session to the group, which contained lots of practical advice and insightful ways to help in their job searching. She also provided a huge amount of motivational and inspirational messages that will certainly benefit the group and boost their confidence. Specially-tailored advice in impromptu one-to-one discussions were also a highlight, as the learners have very varied abilities and backgrounds. All in all, an extremely useful and well-received session. Many thanks, Jenny.
Jeremy Garner
Freelance Creative Director / Senior Copywriter at The Family Cat Ltd.
Jenny exudes energy and positivity, which is infectious and backed up by good, sound advice. She has always been available to help me enhance my skills and confidence. Not only did she help me improve my CV, she empowered me to project myself better as well and helped me with my presentation skills. Jenny was very motivational boosted my self-belief and keeping me positive in challenging times. She has been an incredible help to me and I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone seeking help with finding employment or improving their outlook on life. 
Mark Beschizza
Business Development Manager at Victoria Lion Partners​