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Jenny Verano Coaching

Are you after a breakthrough?

On a survey about what’s more important in the current job market, I first chose Following My Passion and then I went for Good Work-Life Balance because I realised that luckily my passion adds value to other people’s lives so I can have the right balance.

We will always try to meet our survival needs first: food, clothing, shelter, love and connection. Then we will think about contribution and growth. As a careers coach and from my own experience, I believe that you can get any job to pay the bills but you need to have a goal behind the goal.

Progress = Happiness. You make no progress, you feel stuck.
If you focus on survival, as someone said on the survey thread, that’s all you will be doing.

I say focus on possibilities and look further ahead of getting any job and paying the bills, that’s just a stepping stone. Success starts with the identity you hold for yourself. Whom you believe you are and are capable of will determine your behavior and the amount of energy that you have available to stay in the game. Getting a job and paying the bills can’t be your end goal because life will continue once you get there, and then what?

These are times of breakthroughs.

“Never let a good crisis go to waste.” W. Churchill.