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Jenny Verano Coaching


Find a job

Do you know your skills? This is the first step because you will be paid for the results you get from using the skills that you have.

If you could apply for a job today, what would that be?

Perhaps you know what you can do but you want to do something else, something new, different and perhaps more exciting. Make a list of the roles that you would consider.

Do you need to learn a new skill or brush up on excisting ones?

Think about the value that you can add to an organisation or role.

Do you know what would make you the ideal candidate for the position that you want?


Update your CV

Now that you found a job that makes you feel excited or curious, at the very least, you need a CV that gets you noticed. 

Having a gret format will help you, recruiters and employers receive hundreds of CVs these days and only those that standout have a chance.

But the content is also key. Many companies use an Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) to scan the CVs and keep only a managable amount for someone to read and decide in less than a minute if you’ll get an interview.

This is not the time to tall your life story. You have a job description and know the type of person they are looking for, your job is to prove that you are that person.

If you don’t believe you are, no one else will.

Prepare for the interview

You got an interview because they think you can do the job, they like you, already, smile!

You need to do your research.  They will want to know why you want that job apart from the obvious.

Don’t be afraid of getting too enthusiastic just in case you don’t get the job because in that case you are planning to fail.

Prepare real life examples and master your storytelling technique. It will make you a great communicator, not only a good interviewee. 

Show interest in them, listen to understand, aknowledge what has been said and ask good questions. Oh, don’t forget to smile!