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Jenny Verano Coaching

My Story

Life hasn’t always been this easy, in fact, it used to be like a survival experience. On the whisk of my 10th birthday, my mother had a road accident and passed away. That event changed my life over night. I had to learn and grow fast without much guidance.

My parents were both teachers and the love for education was inculcated in me very early on.  I went to college and studied very hard to start Architecture at university. Half way through the first year I realised that I had made a mistake. We were going through the toughest time in the history of my country to date, it was called “Special Period”, there was no food, no oil, no money. I had to travel to another town where the university was but I was too hungry to concentrate. You’d probably guess: I quit.

I wish I had been able to speak to a careers coach then, it would have saved me time and, possibly, a lot of trouble.

My family did not approve of me quiting uni so I went back to study Accountancy in the local university, I thought that should be easier, and it was. I graduated and worked for a few years as a Financial Specialist, earning 16 dollars a month. In that role, I implemented a new financial system and was very successful but I could not replace my jeans with my salary. Something had to change.

I had an opportunity to come to study in London, and I was ready for it. Arrived in the UK in 2007, at the beginning of the recession. The following two years went past trying many different jobs and moving to several accommodations but I kept learning and getting stronger with every challenge.
In 2009 I became a fully-certified Life and Careers coach. What a journey! Since then I have invested many thousands in my personal development to deliver the results that my clients look for. I’ve been helping individuals to get a job, start a career and have more fulfilment in their lives, by:

  • developing the mindset of a winner
  • building the right habits and the discipline to follow through
  • having the energy and focus to take action with confidence and motivation.
  • implementing the right strategies to get themselves noticed in a competitive job market
  • developing their personal brand and getting paid what they are worth.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by life’s demands, I will introduce you to a way of thinking that will bring more clarity, self-motivation and confidence so you can be and do what you want.

I also teach techniques to build resilience and handle the daily stresses in your life, so that you feel energised and build relationships that are good for your mental and physical health.

Believe it's possible...

You are worthy of your desires. Stop asking why that happened to you. That question will produce the wrong answer.

The right question is: what can you do with all you’ve been given?